NVIDIA Tegra 4 Announced!

NVIDIA showed off its new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor at CES today, and it is nothing less than amazing.

The Tegra 4 features the following specs:

  • 72 Geforce GPU cores
  • Quad-Core A15 Processor
  • Built in 4G LTE
  • HDR camera improvements

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 loaded 25 web pages in 27 seconds, while in the same test, the Nexus 10, with its Exynos 5250 1.7GHz dual-core A15 processor, took 50 seconds. NVIDIA also claims that it can load pages up to 3.5x as fast, which in our rushed society is something consumers will crave.

NVIDIA also claims that the new Tegra 4 is faster than the iPad 4 and its A6X processor, beating it in almost all areas.

The Tegra 4 features HDR camera improvements. It’s up to 10x faster than today’s camera architecture. It takes two shots simultaneously, whereas older phones take two shots consecutively.

A live demonstration showed that NVIDIA’s latest HDR technology can take instantly beautiful photos. You can see the difference between HDR and non-HDR shots while you’re in the process of taking a photo.

There are 4 uses of HDR available for the new Tegra 4:

  • One-shot HDR
  • HDR Video
  • HDR Flash
  • HDR Burst

The Tegra 4 will also include strobe motion, 3D reconstruction, and object tracking camera capabilities.

The NVIDIA Tegra 4 looks and sounds amazing. With its ability to load full web pages in 1-2 seconds, 4G LTE compatibility, and impressive array of camera improvements, it is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

What are your thoughts on the NVIDIA Tegra 4?