O2 Reports That 82% Of People Didn’t Mind The HTC One X+ Not Including A Charger

UK carrier O2 had an interesting experiment going on. They started selling their HTC One X+ without a wall charger, figuring around 70% of people already had wall chargers. Well they figured wrong, because it seems that a lot more had wall chargers than they expected. A whole 82% of customers walked out with a One X+ and no separate charger.

O2 now wants to adapt this strategy to all phones, which I can definitely get behind. They say that if they didn’t include wall chargers for a year, there would be 24 million fewer chargers purchased. Now tell me why people need all those extra chargers. It’s a good technique for saving plastic and costs, though it probably does not save the customer money. Either way it’s good for the environment, as O2 claims that the amount of unused chargers in the UK would weigh in at 18,700 tons and fill four Olympic sized swimming pools.

O2 plans to stop including wall chargers on all their phones by 2015. Do you agree with this decision? Do you mind buying a charger off the internet, even keeping in mind that cheap chargers could play havoc with your device? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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