OUYA Creators Listened, Modified Controller According To Feedback

The OUYA creators have been pretty receptive of user feedback, but this brings it to a whole new level. The dev consoles went out not too long ago, and it seems that people had a lot to say about them. So the creators wrote up a post about all the feedback and showed off their new controller.

They changed the D-pad to a cross, instead of the disc they used before. Disc D-pads are very much disliked for being inaccurate. Then they coated the sticks with rubber to give them better grip. The triggers were improved and are now more flush with the body. The battery bay is now tighter (it was loose before?) and the pull tab inside is of higher quality. Last of all, the touch pad has been made more responsive due to new materials.

They’re also tuning the controller to be as responsive as possible, with no lag between input and response. You have to respect the dedication they have to making the best product possible, and it definitely makes me want to buy one more (if to just support these developers). What do you guys think of the situation?


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