PowerA Unveils The MOGA Pro, A MOGA Beefed Up And Full Size

If you’re a fan of Bluetooth controllers for Android phones, MOGA is one of the best, if not the best. With the flip up arm to hold your device at a good angle, it makes mobile gaming easy and fun. The software and low app compatibility is not ideal, but that can be remedied by a few clever Android apps. However, what if you, like me, have big hands? The MOGA may be a bit small and uncomfortable. Other controllers don’t hold up your phone, though. What do you do?

PowerA, the company behind the MOGA, has unveiled a new controller at CES. They have dubbed it the MOGA Pro, which has a traditional controller design with big grips and lots of room while retaining the flip out mount. The mount is the same, fitting any phone 3.2″ wide (yes, the Galaxy Note II fits great), and it comes with two more triggers, because we all know more buttons is better. And if you ever plan on using a tablet, or want your phone further away, it comes with a small stand (genius).

The MOGA Pro will be released sometime in the spring of 2013, and hopefully it’ll be cheap. Controllers tend to be pricey, so we’re hoping for something no more than $60. Would you consider one? Do you like the idea? Is it a good upgrade over the original? Tell us in the comments!

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