Root: Lightsaber Sounds On S Pen Attach/Detach On The Galaxy Note II

Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi master at work, but your boss didn’t appreciate you bringing in your replica lightsaber? We have an excellent solution for Galaxy Note II owners. This small mod will change the sound your device makes when taking out and putting in the S Pen to those of a lightsaber. Trust us, you’ll definitely feel cooler taking out your S Pen this way.

Warning: This is a root procedure that involves modifying system files and could potentially harm your phone. Do this at your own risk, and DroidDog is not responsible for any damages caused or any limbs removed with the S Pen turned lightsaber.

  1. Download the two files, here and here
  2. Rename them if you need to (the Note II has 3 different sound options, rename the file with a number 1-3 depending on which sound you want to replace, default is 1)
  3. Use a root enabled file manager (Root Explorer, ES, Solid, etc.) to navigate to /system/media/audio/ui
  4. Find the files you want to replace (Pen_att_noti1.ogg and Pen_det_noti1.ogg but with your chosen number) and rename them by adding a .bak to the end (make sure to use a keyboard with no auto correct, or it’ll change the file name)
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded files into /system/media/audio/ui
  6. Change their permissions (long hold > Properties in most file managers) to rw- r– r– or 644

You’re done! Go into Settings > S Pen > Pen attach/detach sound and change it to the one you replaced. You should have lightsaber sounds now! We hope you enjoy this cool mod as much as we are, because we are enjoying it immensely.


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