Root: SPenBoard Switcher Auto Switches Keyboards Based On S Pen Position

Sometimes you come across an app that strikes you as so simple yet so incredible. This is one of those apps. SPenBoard Switcher does one thing, and it does it flawlessly: it switches keyboards based on if your S Pen is stored or out. You can either have it in learning mode, where it learns what keyboard you use in each S Pen position, or fixed mode that I use. I have it set to use SwiftKey Flow when the S Pen is stored, and switch to the stock Samsung keyboard when it’s out for handwriting recognition. You can choose any keyboards you want for either.

This should have been a stock feature in the Note series of devices, but this app does the job perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s root only (it needs root access to switch keyboards without any prompts). You can use it on any device with an S Pen and a sensor that detects whether it’s out or not. It works with any Note II variant, as well as the Note 10.1.

Understand that any root procedure can be dangerous and you should do so at your own risk. We aren’t responsible for damages, but there won’t be if you’re careful! To install this app, you have to do one of two things. You can flash the downloadable ZIP if you’re an international Galaxy Note II owner (it doesn’t work on other devices), or you can extract the APK and push it to /system/app. You’ll have to change permissions to rw- r– r– or 644, but that’s pretty much it. Reboot and it’s there! Open the app, enable it, and you’re done. This app has added a lot of worth to the Note II for me, so tell us what you think of it! Hit the source link for the original thread.

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