Rumor: Next Galaxy S Codenamed Altius, To Be Sold In April

This photo isn’t of the Galaxy S IV, it was found on Picasa claiming to be a press shot of it. With the old TouchWiz UI from the Galaxy S III and the battery percentage on (something Samsung doesn’t do in their press shots), this is definitely a fake. But it’s a nice fake, so we decided to show it off.

We have a fresh batch of rumors for the Galaxy S IV today, and they seem very legitimate and not at all farfetched. The first one is the codename. They say it was “Project J” but now has been changed to “Altius(J).” Altius sounds good to me. They also say that it will initially come in black and white. A return to launching devices in black is an interesting and welcome detail.

The device should ship April 15th, according to them. From that information, their Unpacked event should be in March. That’s pretty close, we can’t wait to see it.

Here’s where it gets a bit spotty. They claim that the S IV will have a wireless charging kit available shortly after release. The kit will ship a few weeks after the device is sold, and will come with a backplate and a wireless charging dock. That’s an easy rumor to claim, since they did the same last year, but it’s also difficult to believe since the S III wireless charging kit was officially promised but never released. However, our hope is getting in the way of our judgement, so we’ll trust this one for now.

Then there is the battery. They claim it’ll be 2,600 mAh, which is pretty big. We can get behind better battery life any day, especially if the S IV includes the rumored octa core that should save a lot of power.

So what are your thoughts on all these rumors? Do they seem legitimate? Are you excited? Tell us your thoughts!

SamMobile | TuttoAndroid (photo)

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