Samsung Announces The Exynos5 Octa Processor!

Samsung has announced its new Exynos5 Octa processor at its CES Keynote on January 9th. The Octa is a 28nm chip, but Samsung promises that chips will eventually drop down to 20, 14, and 10nm. They say that, visually, this chip is 5x thinner than human hair.

The Exynos5 Octa has 2 sets of four cores each. One set being ARM Cortex 1.8GHz A15 processors for performance, and the other set being ARM Cortex 1.2GHz A7 processors for basic tasks. This way you can have a powerful device that still conserves energy. The device is a multi-tasking beast, able to do web searches with near-instant results, stutter-less HD playback, and operate multiple apps all at once with no lag.

The Octa is also capable of playing high-demand 3D games with ease. Samsung showed us its capabilities by playing a few game demos, such as Need For Speed (a very popular demo), and showing how beautifully they run. The games are beautiful, showing lots of details and high-end graphics, and all at a very steady frame-rate.

Samsung also states that the Octa chip has up to 70% battery savings thanks to Samsung’s new advanced silicon technology.

The Octa features “big.LITTLE technology” which utilizes different cores for different tasks. The smaller, more efficient A7 cores are used for light tasks and saving power, while the big A15 cores are used for gaming and other high-end apps, hence the “big.LITTLE” concept.

That’s all of the information for the Samsung Exynos5 Octa that was released at the keynote, but we should have more information regarding the CPU very soon.

It’s very innovative how Samsung is utilizing two differents sets of quad-cores to create a very powerful, yet very power efficient processor. We wonder how well this will fare against the NVIDIA Tegra 4. What are your thoughts on the Exynos5 Octa?

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