Samsung Announces Youm – A Flexible OLED Display

Image courtesy of CNET

Samsung announced at their CES keynote that they’re working on a flexible OLED display called Youm.

They say that the Youm has much better colors and contrast compared to other displays out there, and all in a super thin, flexible form factor.

The flexible display is, of course, bendable, and it allows you to see what’s on the screen from any angle. The prototype shown even had a screen that stretched above the device, so that you can see notifications and content even when the device is laid on a flat surface. The display will allow various other manufacturers to make bendable, rollable, and foldable displays.

Samsung demonstrated the Youm concept in a promotional video, where a guy pulls out a device that folds like a wallet. The device doubles as a phone and a tablet. The same video also shows the guy literally rolling out a tablet.

Of course Youm is still a prototype, so we’re not sure when we’ll see it launch in the market. It’ll be amazing to see this type of display featured on various Android devices, and we know that Android developers will take full advantage of the new display technology. Oh the possibilities will be endless.

What are your thoughts on the new Youm display?

On completely different note: Samsung also announced that a new 10.1 display will be coming shortly, and will consume 25% less battery life than other displays

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