Samsung Electronics CEO Lee Kun Hee Says Employees Need To Continue To Be Innovative In The Face Of Increased Competition

Samsung Electronic’s CEO, Lee Kun Hee, gave a speech to his employees telling them to be wary of other global manufacturers who are trying to take the lead in the tech world. Despite Samsung being the leader in mobile phone sales, Lee Kun Hee knows that if he isn’t careful and innovative, any other manufacturer can steal Samsung’s spot away from them.

Lee Kun Hee said,

There’s an ongoing competition by global companies across all areas from products, technology development and hiring talented people to patent disputes. The market is big and opportunities are wide open, so we should find out new businesses that Samsung’s future will hinge on.

It’s a nice little pep talk and it’s nice to know that Samsung won’t just stick to the same old “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mindset (take note RIM).

Samsung has gone through a lot in 2012, with its relentless legal battles with Apple and it’s record-setting amount of mobile device sales. It has to stay creative and innovative in order to maintain and increase its success throughout 2013, especially with companies like Sony, HTC, and even Huawei coming up with innovative, flagship models to steal Samsung’s throne in the mobile world.

We’ll see the mobile wars of 2013 kick off on January 6th when CES begins to take place.


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