Samsung Galaxy Note II Flip Cover Review

The Samsung Flip Cover isn’t exactly the new kid on the block.  Samsung released a flip cover with the original Galaxy Note.  It’s been around for a while now with the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III, and now you can sport one on your Galaxy Note II.  The flip cover has changed a bit.  With the original Note, it had a soft leathery cover with pretty boring colors.  Now with the Galaxy S III and Note II you get a bunch of wild colors, or you can get the standard white or blue/gray depending on which device you have.  The material has also changed with the front part of the cover, covering your display, now being a stiff, thin slate with felt on the inside for protection.

Something that’s super unique about Samsung’s Flip Cover is that it replaces the back of your phone.  This way the front cover has something to attach to, and you can also protect your original back if you’re planning on reselling.  What’s cool about this, is that you can completely change the color of your device.  If you’re bored with white or gray, you can pick pink, light green or blue, orange, or mint.  I think Samsung has come up with a genius plan to appeal to those who like to switch things up, who get bored with the same old thing every day.  As you can see, the Flip Cover still has the NFC integrated into the back.

In my first experience with a Samsung Flip Cover on the Galaxy Note II, I have really mixed feelings about it.  What do I like?  First, It changes the color of your device which is fun.  Second, it can/will protect your screen (and original back) from scratches.  So if you’re a person that likes to carry your device in a purse, or a backpack, where the device will be rubbing and sliding against who knows what, this may be up your alley.  Also, what’s interesting is there is a hole in the front cover for the speaker, so you could make calls with the cover closed.  Lastly, I like that it doesn’t add excess bulk to the device, but neither does a screen protector.

What I don’t like?  First, the front cover didn’t rest on the front of the device.  Maybe it gets there eventually, but during the time frame of a review, it didn’t and I found it slightly irritating.  Second, I think it’s kind of weird to have to open the cover to answer the phone.  Not a huge issue and something that I could easily get used to, but not instantly comfortable.  Last, other than scratch protection, it will not protect your device from a fall.  Now, your Note II has Gorilla Glass.  It’s a tougher, scratch resistant glass.  I’m not saying that it can’t scratch, but from a materials standpoint, there aren’t many materials our there that are hard enough to scratch it.  So the easy thing to do is keep it away from those materials.

In my opinion, it’s much harder to prevent falls and drops compared to preventing scratches. Drops I think are the biggest danger to your displays.  I did a poll over the weekend asking you what was important to you in a case.  Most of you said protection.  So if by protection you mean scratch protection, maybe this cover is the thing for you.  My guess is most of your are looking for drop protection.  If it is drop protection you’re looking for, don’t waste your money, because this will do nothing for you.  I myself am choosing to pass on using the Samsung Flip Cover, and will probably go with the $3 special off eBay until I find something that knocks my socks off.  If you are into it though, you can find the Samsung Flip Covers in all their beautiful covers on Samsung’s website for $39.99 a pop.

Have a Flip Cover and love it?  We’d love to hear what you like about it.  I think it’s an interesting idea, but something that’s really not for me.  Let us hear/read your opinions in the comments below…