Samsung Galaxy S IV May Be Revealed Only To Executives AT CES

Here’s another rumor for you. It’s already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV won’t be revealed to the public at CES 2013, but according to a few reports, Samsung may be having a private showing of its Samsung Galaxy S IV device for partners and carriers.

The showing will be held in a highly restricted area and only be available for high-profile partners and certain carriers. Samsung Vice President Jay Lee will also be the one demonstrating the Samsung Galaxy S IV’s capabilities.

The product being shown is also said to be only a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and not the final product. Samsung wants to give the partners and carriers an idea of what the Samsung Galaxy SIV will be like before any final decisions are made.

This would actually explain the earlier leaked image provided by SamMobile. It could be the prototype featured at this private showing.

This will all happen behind closed doors and with a lot of security in order to prevent leaks. So unless you’re a ninja with a camera, we’re probably not going to see any leaks of the device from that showing.


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