Samsung Gets Fined For A Misleading Advertisement


Samsung received a fine today from Taiwan’s FTC (Fair Trade Commission) for a misleading advertisement regarding its Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 smartphone.

The fine was for NT$300,000, which is only $10,389 in the US. That’s barely a scratch to their assumed $8.1 billion profit in Q4 of 2012 alone.

The false advertisement, which appeared both online and in catalogs, stated that their Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 smartphone had auto-focus and flash functions, which you can clearly see in the picture that it doesn’t have. Samsung quickly deleted the mention in its ads.

The fine isn’t a big deal to Samsung, but who knows what’s going to happen to the employee who messed that advertisement up. A slap on the wrist? This wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as the NT$54 million (US $1.8 million) fine that Toshiba-Samsung received from Taiwan’s FTC for price-fixing its optical drives.


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