Samsung GT-N5110 Goes Through FCC, Looks Like Galaxy Note 8.0 Leaks

We’re afraid that this is the final design of the rumored Galaxy Note 8.0. It recently went through the FCC, showing off its device and the S Pen slot visible on the bottom left. And with the GT-N5110 model number, it’s almost the same as the N5100 of the Note 8.0. Usually, Samsung makes the WiFi only model have a higher model number (WiFi Tab 10.1 was P7510, 3G model was P7500), and this is confirmed by the FCC showing it having only WiFi and Bluetooth.

I personally don’t think it’s very attractive. Looking like a big Note, it has a giant camera module and rounded edges. However, my opinion doesn’t matter. What do you guys think? Is it attractive to you? Is it a great size? Is the S Pen in a small tablet a selling point? Leave a comment!


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