Samsung Is Working On A New Display Layout That Could Push Past 440ppi

New Samsung Mobile Displays Hint At The Samsung Galaxy S IV

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be carrying around a 4.99-inch 440ppi Full HD Super AMOLED Display, but apparently Samsung is also developing a new pixel layout that will be able to cram more pixels into their displays.

This new pixel layout would result in Samsung’s displays stretching beyond the 440ppi level, pushing itself way ahead of its competition.

However, based on their visual acuity, most human’s eyes can’t discern past 300ppi, so we have to wonder what these manufacturers are hoping to do by increasing the ppi in their displays.

Of course, it’s just another one of those wars between manufacturers in order to produce the best of the best. Apple started it with their iPhone 4 when their 326ppi Retina display entered the market. Since then, manufacturers have fought to surpass the Retina display, and now we’re at the 440ppi level. Samsung isn’t going to stop there.

It’s not enough that manufacturers have to worry about bigger display sizes. Now they have to worry about cramming as many pixels possible into their screens, even when its not necessary.

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