Samsung Made $8.1 Billion In Profit in Q4 Of 2012 Selling Close To 500 Smartphones A Minute

Samsung released its Q4 earning guidance and it does not fail to amaze. 16 analysts predict that Samsung’s Q4 profits will total $8.1 billion, which is up 65% from Q4 of 2011. I bet HTC wished they had those numbers at this moment. This number is also 7% higher than Q3 of 2012, which totaled $7.3 billion.

The profits from Samsung’s mobile division equaled around $5.45 billion, which is up from $5.3 billion in Q3, and more than twice than last year’s profits. Analysts believe that an adjustment in chip prices and flat screens is what helped boost the component earnings for Samsung, as well as a boom in sales of mobile devices carrying Samsung’s chips, micro-processors and screens.

This rise in profits also did wonders for Samsung’s stocks, which rose up to $1,500 a share last week. Samsung’s stocks gained 44% in 2012, which tops Apple’s 31% increase.

Things are only looking up for Samsung, especially since it plans on releasing its Samsung Galaxy SIV sometime in Q2.


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