Samsung Release Its 2012 Q4 Figures – It’s More Than They Predicted


Samsung’s official 2012 Q4 earnings have been released, and it’s more than their predicted results earlier this month.

Samsung had predicted that they would make $8.1 billion in profits, and surprised even themselves when their actual profits totaled $8.27 billion, which is an $160 million increase.

Samsung’s Q4 figures also show that they made $52.45 billion in revenue.

Its 2012 Q4 revenue is 18.52% more than it was in Q4 of 2011, and its profits increased 89.3% from what it was last year.

Samsung’s total profit in 2012 was $23.8 billion and its total revenue was $187.9 billion.

Samsung’s mobile division increased 4% compared to Q3 2011, and Samsung specifically names the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II as the prime reason for the increase.

However, Samsung’s IT and Mobile division as a whole reported $5.09 billion in profits, which is slightly lower than its earnings in Q3. However, those figures are still over double the $2.39 billion they made a year before.

Samsung’s profits and revenue will only go up from here as it gets ready to launch its new series of Galaxy Tabs, as well as the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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