Samsung Roadmap For First Half Of 2013 Leaks, Shows Note 8.0

Today we have a leaked Samsung roadmap, planning out the next half year in releases. Obviously, you can see it’s missing the Galaxy S IV and possibly others, but it has a few interesting devices. First up is the Galaxy Note 8.0, a tablet rumored many times. There’s nothing new, but seeing it again just strengthens the fact that it’s coming. It should be available in March, the month after Mobile World Congress.

Then there are the less important devices. The Galaxy Young has some conflicting specs, so we don’t know what kind of display it will be shipping with. It is probably 3.3″, as a 3″ WVGA display seems a little farfetched. It should be available April. We’ve already covered the Pocket Plus, a phone I really want to try out. The single SIM model should be available this month, while the dual SIM model comes next month. And last but not least, we have the Galaxy X Cover 2, a rugged phone with some decent internals coming next month.

So is there anything you see that you’re excited about? Does the Galaxy Note 8.0 sound like a good device? What about the lower end models for those of you on prepaid plans? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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