Samsung’s Bid To Keep Its Sales Data Private From Apple Is Denied

Samsung submitted a bid to keep the sales data of some of its products sealed in its legal battles against Apple.

However US district Judge Lucy Koh has denied Samsung’s bid and is requiring them to reveal the sales data of the devices that are infringing on Apple’s patents in the US.

Judge Koh said in her statement,

“Samsung’s appeal involves pricing information and profit margins, whereas the instruction for what is required for disclosure only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months.”

It wasn’t an entire loss for Samsung, however, because Judge Koh approved another one of Samsung’s requests to delay the revealing of per-unit operating profit for two of its smartphones.

Judge Koh has been denying many appeals from both Samsung and Apple to seal documents because there is a lack of “compelling reason” to seal them.

Samsung wanted the revealing of its sales data to be delayed because its appeal could be heard by the Federal Circuit court.

This is just another day in the long, ongoing war between Samsung and Apple.

Slashgear via Bloomberg

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