Sony Releases Promo Videos For The Xperia Z Detailing Its Craftsmanship

Sony has released a few videos detailing the premium aspects of the Xperia Z, including its 5-inch 1080p “Reality Display”, 13MP rear-facing camera with an Exmor R sensor, and invulnerability to water. These videos are very similar to the original promo video Sony released, but these go more in-depth into the features of the device.

The first video details the 5-inch 1080p display on the Sony Xperia Z. It is built with tempered glass, both front and back. The 13MP camera with the Exmor R sensor also gets a mention for its ability to take great photos in any kind of light. Sony then leads onto the phones ability to survive in water and its ability to repel dust. Sony finishes the video off by mentioning the one-touch mirroring feature on the Sony Xperia Z that lets you instantly stream content from your phone to a TV.

The second video details Sony’s Battery STAMINA mode. It turns off certain functions on your phone when your Xperia Z is in standby mode. You can choose which services to disable and which ones to keep. When you turn your phone back on, all features will still be working fine as if they weren’t disabled. Sony promises that this will give users up to 4x more battery life in standby mode compared to other devices.

The third video details Sony’s “Reality Display”. Sony boasts about how the Sony Xperia Z’s 1080p display stretches the “red, green, and blue to deliver more vivid colors” in order to keep images as vivid as they are in real life. The video describes how humans can sometimes remember colors more vividly and memories more emotional than they actually were. The 1080p screen bridges the gap between memories and reality in order to display images as close to reality as they can get.

Fans wanted a video that showcased the Sony Xperia Z’s ability to survive in water and they’ve got their wish. Here, a Sony representative demonstrates how the Xperia Z can be submerged into water and still survive. A little disclaimer however; the Sony Xperia Z can only survive up to 30 minutes while being submerged into water, and only up to 3.3 feet of water. So don’t think you can leave your phone in a fish tank over night and still expect it to be fully functional in the morning.

The promo videos were really well made and they show just how much precision Sony put into making their flagship smartphone. Are these videos making you consider buying the Sony Xperia Z?

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