Sony Xperia Z Launching With 4.1, Said To Be Updated To 4.2 “Shortly After Launch”

The Sony Xperia Z, shown off at CES, is quite an impressive device. With a quad core Snapdragon S4 processor at 1.5GHz and a 5″ 1080p display, it’s a powerful phone that’s sure to keep up with or exceed other devices on the market. And it comes with Android 4.1, which is not exactly an old version of Android. But many people would want to complain (rightfully), so Sony product manager Lego Svardsater said that it will be updated to Android 4.2 “shortly after launch.” We don’t know what shortly means, but it sounds promising.

Would you go for a Sony device purely because it was running a newer version of Android than almost any other device? Or would the dedication to fast updates do it for you? Does it affect your decision at all? Tell us in the comments!


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