Sprint Galaxy Nexus Official 4.2.1 Has Been Leaked, Commence Celebrations!

If you’re a Sprint Galaxy Nexus owner that hasn’t gotten impatient and gone ahead to flash unofficial versions of 4.2.1 like CM10.1 or others, then you do have something to get excited about today.  Sextape Developers, and important group/entity to the Sprint-Samsung-Android community, released an official Android 4.2.1 leak for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus with build number J0P40D.L700GA02.  Sextape himself/herself/itself provides the download for the ROM, as well as instructions for flashing the ROM via Odin.  If you’re not familiar with installing ROMs via Odin, the following instructions are provided for doing so:

  1. Download the stock tar file (provided in the link for Sextape forum)
  2. Download Odin (also provided in Sextape forum)
  3. Download the Drivers (not provided, but shouldn’t be too hard to find)
  4. Install the drivers, reboot if prompted.
  5. Start Odin by right-clicking on it and choose “Run as Administrator”
  6. Go into download mode – power off the phone, then press and hold Vol Down + Power
  7. Plug in the phone, make sure Odin recognizes it (first box should light up, indicating a device was found)
  8. Click the PDA button and chose the stock tar file you downloaded earlier.
  9. Click Start

To perform this, you do not need to be rooted. I haven’t gotten a chance to try this out myself yet.  I’m not sure if this will purely update your device, retaining data and installed apps, or if it will wipe your apps and system data.  So if you’re feeling brave, be sure to back up everything before hand.  It’s always safe practice.  This is also at your own risk as with any modding of your Android device.  One last warning, this is being claimed to be an official release, but if it isn’t, getting updated to the official release when it comes out from this GA02 build will not happen.  You’ll have to do some fancy work (really not hard if you know what you’re doing) to flash the next release, or back to an older release to get officially updated.  So what I mean by this, is if you’re not already comfortable with flashing ROMs and toying with your Galaxy Nexus, I would still hold off and wait for an official OTA update.  However, you can still celebrate knowing that your update is getting ever closer to your device.

So, if you try this out, be sure to let us know how it goes.  When I get some time tonight I may try it out and will update this post with anything I lean.  Is anyone excited?  Or are you already running 4.2.1 with a custom ROM?  Android 4.2 does have some interesting updates with lock screen widgets, quick settings, photo sphere, swiping keyboard, and new clock.  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below…

Sextape Developers Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 Leak

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