T-Mobile Releasing LTE Capable Galaxy S III To Complement Its New LTE Network

T-Mobile has some big plans, and one of them happens to be an LTE network. It’s set to go live in Las Vegas in mere weeks, cover 100 million people by mid year, and 200 million people by the end of the year. Those are some pretty big numbers, but we have faith that T-Mobile can do it. With an HSPA+ network that can reach 42 mbps, we doubt T-Mobile customers have been unhappy with data speeds, but LTE is definitely an improvement everyone (who has a new phone) can appreciate.

Speaking of which, T-Mo is planning to release a brand new Galaxy S III packing LTE radios. It’ll probably be the Exynos version too, since the Galaxy S III LTE is out in Europe. This might bring up some buyers remorse in some people, as the device is only about half a year old, but that’s how the tech world works. We don’t know when the device will be released, but knowing that LTE is coming so fast, it should be very soon.

And if you’re a Galaxy Note II owner, you will not have to go through the same ordeal. As we reported earlier, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note II has dormant LTE radios. While the S III has a Qualcomm chipset that seems to only support HSPA+, the Exynos chipset in the Note II, with the separate LTE radio, has support for both. And T-Mobile has said that those LTE radios will be enabled via a small update. That should make a lot of Note II owners happy. So what do you guys think of this? Is T-Mobile’s LTE network a step in the right direction? As a Galaxy S III owner, are you upset? Tell us in the comments!

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