The First Images Of ZTE’s Affordable Quad-Core 5-Inch Smartphone Leaks

There have been rumors going around for a while that ZTE is planning on creating an affordable, 5-inch device with a quad-core processor. The device is called the ZTE U956 MT6589 (catchy right?) and is supposedly aiming for a $240 price tag.

Now the first images for the devices have leaked which brings this device much closer to reality. The device will have a 720 x 1280 display, MediaTek MT6589 chip, 8MP camera, and dual-sim capabilities.

There hasn’t been any official release date, but its speculated to be released very soon.

This device is nowhere near as great as ZTE’s flagship smartphone, the ZTE Grand S, but for the $240 price point, it will definitely be appealing to many people.

The specs aren’t terrible considering that this device is supposed to be aimed towards the entry-level market. It still has a 5-inch 720p display, a quad-core processor, and a good camera.

The device has already been approved for release in China, and I’m sure that if it’s released into more countries, plenty of people will buy it.

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