The No-Hire Paper Trail That Involves Many Major Companies Including Apple And Google


A whole bunch of evidence was just released detailing the intricate no-hire agreements between major companies in Silicon Valley. The evidence was dug up after former Palm CEO Edward Colligan released a statement that Steve Jobs threatened patent litigation against Palm if Palm did not agree to stop hiring Apple’s employees.

The allegation resulted in a mess of evidence that connected many major companies like Apple, Palm, Google, Intel, Adobe and others into Silicon Valley’s deeply rooted no-hire agreements.

Employees affected by the no-hire agreements filed a lawsuit against the companies and are now fighting for class action status and damages from resulting lost wages. The damages could cost these companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

These no-hire agreements made it extremely difficult, even impossible, for these employees to move between companies.

However, you could see why these companies imposed such strict no-hire policies. These companies had many innovative projects in progress, and they didn’t want to lose any major players during the process. This unfortunately resulted in many employees being treated less as people and more as objects or pawns.

These no-hire agreements eliminated competition for each other’s employees and also drove down wages.

If you want to read the incriminating e-mails and bulletins, you can do so below. Scary enough, there are a lot of e-mails between companies.

What are your opinions on this?

Reuters via The Verge

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