The Play Store Web Page Now Rocks The Roboto Font

If you haven’t noticed, the Play Store web page is a bit different right now. It is a small change, but changes the look significantly. The Roboto font, made for Ice Cream Sandwich in house to increase visibility on new higher density displays, has finally made it to their Play Store. Everything is now written in Roboto, giving the page a whole different feel.

Is this a good change? It really depends. On a bigger monitor with a (paltry) 1080p resolution, the smaller text doesn’t exactly look excellent. This font was designed for high density displays, so applying it to low density monitors isn’t quite ideal. However, the font itself looks great. Hopefully the rough edges will be cleaned up soon (metaphorically and literally), so we can truly enjoy the majestic Roboto font. how do you guys like the change? Does it work well? Or do you agree that it isn’t perfect on low density displays? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

Play Store | Android Police

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