The Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Not Be Announced At MWC

Could The Upcoming Samsung GT-I9500 Be The Samsung Galaxy SIV

JK Shin, Vice President of Samsung Mobile, has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be absent from the Mobile World Congress in February. He does assure us that the device will be announced “soon”.

This is most likely disappointing news to many of you, and it does baffle me why Samsung is leaving out its most highly anticipated device from the world’s largest mobile technology trade show. They will still be announcing their next generation of tablets, so I guess that’ll somewhat quell the disappointment of consumers.

Samsung is following the same route they took with the Samsung Galaxy S III. They omitted the device from MWC, but they debuted it at their Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 show, and look at the wonders it did for the device.

So this is probably smart marketing on Samsung’s part. However, they do have to wonder whether or not MWC would actually help the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Here are the rumored specs for the Samsung Galaxy S IV:

What do you think of Samsung’s decision to not debut the Samsung Galaxy S IV at MWC? Do you think it’s a smart move?

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