The Samsung Galaxy S Series Reaches The 100 Million Sales Milestone

2 years and 7 months after the launch of its Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung has finally reached its 100 million sales milestone.

Samsung states that both the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S II played a huge role in achieving this milestone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III sold over 30 million units within 5 months of its launch date, and 40 million in 7 months. The Samsung Galaxy S II, which even though sold at a slower pace still paved the way for the Samsung Galaxy S III, sold over 40 million units in 20 months.

The 100 million sales number includes the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III, and various iterations of those products like the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

Another amazing thing to note is that the Samsung Galaxy S III had an average of 190,000 sales a day, which is probably what amounted to Samsung’s 500 phones a minute sales figure.

Things are looking impressive for Samsung, and we can probably expect the Samsung Galaxy S IV to help Samsung reach even more milestones.

Engadget via Samsung Tomorrow

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