Ubuntu For Smartphones Announced, Gesture Based And Hardware Agnostic

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is branching out lately. They showed off Ubuntu for Android before, showing how a docked Android device can run Ubuntu on a display. However, this is a little different. It’s not a docking solution that runs alongisde Android, it’s an entire smartphone OS. Based on gesture control, it’s an interesting take on the mobile OS, when the top two OSes are fairly similar.

This OS has a similar concept to Windows 8, but taken to the next level. Each edge has its own function when swiped. For example, swiping from the left accesses favorite apps from anywhere. It also has voice control.

It even has its own app store coming. Ubuntu supports both the flexibility of HTML5 web apps and the power of native apps, with native apps of course being preferred. With companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter already on board, things might go well for this OS.

However, Ubuntu for smartphones is missing one big thing: hardware. Sure, it can run on existing Android hardware, and we’re sure hackers will get it running on all the popular devices, but it can’t succeed without its own device. Will it be stuck as a hackers dream? Or will companies start adopting it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Android Police

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