UK Galaxy S III’s Getting Update, Fixes Exynos 4 Exploit And More

Samsung had gotten themselves into a fair bit of trouble lately, with two major bugs inhabiting their flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The first was the infamous Exynos 4 bug that plagued not only Galaxy S III’s, but also S II’s, Notes, Note II’s, and many other devices. It allowed any app that is coded properly to gain full root access, and that’s a scary bug to have.

The second bug was the Sudden Death bug that only affects Galaxy S III’s. It’s a firmware issue that causes the mainboard to just randomly die.

However, there is an update rolling out today to UK owners of the Galaxy S III. It has been confirmed to fix the Exynos 4 exploit, as apps like ExynosAbuse no longer work. Samsung made quick work of that bug. However, there are other changes that came without a changelog. There is a new bootloader, along with many other security changes. Did they fix the sudden death bug? We don’t know, but it may very well be the case. Good on Samsung for releasing an update so fast. Did you get it yet? Notice any changes? Tell us in the comments!

SamMobile | Android Police

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