Verizon Approves The Thunderbolt ICS Update, We Continually Pinch Ourselves

Verizon has apparently approved the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the ancient HTC Thunderbolt. We really can’t believe it, but it’s true. The almost two year old phone is getting the over one year old Android version very soon. That sounds overwhelmingly negative (hell, we have every right to be negative after that long wait), but in the end it’s still good for those who are in a two year contract. Ice Cream Sandwich is a significant improvement in terms of speed and usability, so be happy it’s coming at all and not abandoned. The update isn’t rolling out yet, but should be soon.

With all the controversy surrounding this phone, with reports of horrid battery life and such a long wait for an update that should have been out a long time ago, we don’t know how many of you still use one of these. Our own Steve Raycraft still uses one, do you guys? And is it rooted? Tell us in the comments!

Android Police

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