Verizon Had Planned On Pre-Installing Siri On Its Android Devices Before Apple Purchased Her


So here’s a twist; Verizon Wireless had actually planned on pre-installing Siri on its Android devices. That is, until Apple bought Siri out.

Verizon had signed a contract with the startup that created Siri, and even shot commercials to showcase Siri in action. Then Apple bought out the entire startup and ruined Verizon’s master plan.

Steve Jobs called Dag Kittlaus, a co-founder of Siri, and discussed their visions for the future of technology. After a bunch of chit-chat, Steve made his move to acquire Siri, a move that cost around 150-250 million dollars.

Originally Siri was originally supposed to be “otherwordly”, full of dry wit, vague about pop culture, and full of swear words. Apple had to nix the profanity feature in Siri in order to include her in its iPhones.

Are you upset that Siri never made her way to Android? I wonder how different Android would be if it had an assistant like Siri. It’s also a bit crazy to think what Siri could’ve been like had Apple not made its alterations to the program.

The Verge via Huffington Post

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