Update: Verizon Note II Receives Small Update, Includes Bootloader And Exynos Exploit Fix

The Verizon Galaxy Note II got an unannounced update today that only weighs in at 7.8MB. It came along without a changelog, so we didn’t know what to expect. It keeps the device at 4.1.1, so it definitely isn’t anything feature-based. Fortunately, it has followed the same pattern as many recent Samsung updates and patches the Exynos Exploit. The ExynosAbuse app no longer works thanks to the update.

The update also comes with new bootloaders, and we don’t know what they do. Do they patch the exploit used to unlock bootloaders on the previous software version? It’s possible, so if you have any interest in flashing custom ROMs, you might want to wait a little.

Update: Verizon has released a changelog stating that it is simply a security fix. We can safely assume it’s just the Exynos Exploit being fixed. While I’m still wary of the bootloaders, it should be safe to flash.

Verizon | Droid-Life

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