Vizio Shows Off Duo Of New Nexus-Like Tablets

Vizio’s motto is to “make all the screens in your life,” and to achieve that, they’re getting back into the Android tablet game. Their first attempt with the VTab was disappointing at best, but this should be good. The first tablet they showed off is a 10″ slate very similar to the Nexus 10. With a 10.1″ panel at 2560×1600, it should look gorgeous. But powering that display, instead of the Nexus 10′s Exynos 5, will be the brand new Tegra 4 processor. In case you missed it, check out the Tegra 4′s impressive specs.

On top of that, the tablet is incredibly thin and light. it’s difficult to find a light tablet these days (even the Nexus 10 is far heavier than the original Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was a big disappointment), so this is a great feature. It’ll also have the standard stuff, such as Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, dual cameras, and 32GB of storage. We have no price or release information, unfortunately, but we’ll wait patiently.

The second tablet, seen to the right, is their 7″ model. This one is very similar to the Nexus 7 (it seems like Vizio has a thing for Nexus devices), packing a 7″ IPS screen at 1280×800. It’ll also come with 16GB of storage, a Tegra 3 processor, and a 1.2MP front camera. The display is said to be better than the one on the Nexus 7 (that isn’t too hard to believe), but the best part about this tablet is the bezel. They cut it down, making it as small as possible even compared to the Nexus 7.

This tablet is said to come in the first half of the year, which is a big 6 month period, and pricing isn’t announced. Hopefully it won’t come too late, as the Nexus 7 is already half a year old.

The best part about these two tablets is Vizio’s promise that they will ship with completely stock Android 4.2. Yes, they claim that aside from a few pre-loaded apps, it’s “bone stock.” If so, we are definitely excited. If a company can offer products that differentiate themselves from or improve on Nexus products, but still offer stock Android, it could be great competition to fuel a better market. What do you guys think? Will they be on your wish list?

Also did anyone notice that the 10 inch tablet has the hybrid UI and the 7 inch tablet has the tablet UI? What’s up with that?

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