We Might See A Quad Core Nexus 10 This Fall

While the dual core Exynos 5 inside the Nexus 10 might be really powerful, but when powering that 2560×1600 display, it tends to occasionally bog down. We can’t really blame it, with that resolution. But if rumors are to be trusted, Google is going to fix that. It is said that Google is making a Nexus 10 refresh with a quad core processor with an 8 core GPU, namely the Mali-T678. We can only assume this is the next generation of the Exynos 5, which is in itself less a refresh and more an entirely new chip.

The Galaxy S III came out with a quad core Exynos 4, replacing the S II’s dual core Exynos 4 with the same GPU. However, the higher clock speeds truly made a huge difference, even if it was a similar chip. We can’t imagine how much of a difference it’ll make when they’re replacing the chip with a new one.

Fortunately, we don’t have to, because Bright Side of News claim that they got their hands on one, and they say the difference was “night and day.” That’s great to hear!

But is it one of the rumored tablets Samsung is planning to show off at Mobile World Congress? The original Nexus 10 was named the P8110, while the ROMA rumored to be shown off at MWC is the P8200. This might just be it, as it’s also rumored to have a 5MP camera.

If a Nexus 10 refresh comes out, will you want to buy one? Are you afraid of supply issues? Could you wait until the rumored release of Fall? Tell us what you think!


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