What The First Android Mascots Could Have Been

Yes, these Android mascots could have been the face of Android. Now it’s uncertain if the designers were on drugs, or if this is a joke, or if these were created due to frustration and exhaustion, but let’s just be thankful that these Android mascot renditions were tanked.

These images were posted on Google+ by Android engineer, Dan Morrill. According to him, he put together these images for an internal presentation, titled R2-D2 (which stands for Release to Developers 2), to introduce the Android APIs to Google’s developers. For whatever reason, these images were well received and were dubbed “Dandroids”.

Thank God these images weren’t the final mascot for Android. Irina Blok, an art director, is the reason why we have the Android mascot we have today, and we will be forever grateful to her.

What do you make of these images? Are you thankful they were canned? Do you for whatever reason like them?

The Verge

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