XBMC Releases A User-Friendly Build Of Its Android App

XBMC Releases A User-Friendly Build Of Its Android App

XBMC has just released the first user-friendly build of its Android app. It’s works with all Android smartphones version 2.3 and up.

XBMC is a widely popular media player. It’s compatible with almost all of the most common audio and video formats and it lets you stream media onto many different devices.

This update comes with a new user-friendly UI, added channels, and external video player support.

The developers believe that external video player support is vital to the app due to the app itself lacking hardware accelerated video decoding.

XBMC developer, Kemonine96 said,

This release is basically the first end user friendly version of XBMC for Android that should work great on pretty much any Android powered device. Since XBMC still doesn’t support hardware accelerated video decoding on most devices, support for an external video player is included in this release, that way you’ll still be able to enjoy a flawless XBMC experience since the external video player itself does support hardware accelerated video decoding.

You’ll also find that a bunch of customizations have been made in order to make the whole XBMC experience more enjoyable for the end user, including shortcuts, the ability to use XBMC as a Launcher (and launch Android Apps & Settings from within XBMC), along with many of the most popular XBMC addons bundled directly into the release.

The XBMC developers also want users to start seeing XBMC as a “media platform” rather than just a “media player”.

Hopefully this will change the public perception of XBMC just being a media player, and most people will realize that it’s much more: a media platform that interfaces with online streaming video content, bringing online streaming technology directly to your favourite devices in an easy to navigate system with endless possibilities.

Here are the release notes for the latest update:

  • RC3 + Post RC3 Fixes
  • Touchscreen Versions use Touched Skin by Default
  • Fusion Installer Source External Player (MX Player) Enabled by Default
  • Launch Android Apps & Settings Directly from XBMC

Here are also the included add-ons for this update:

  • NuskuNetworks Addon Repo
  • XBMCHUB Addon Repo
  • 1Channel
  • Project Free TV
  • Icefilms – TV Links
  • TubePlus
  • Fast Pass TV
  • Fox News
  • TED Talks
  • TMZ
  • YouTube
  • Navi-X
  • XBMC Log Uploader

Here is a list of supported external media players:

  • MX Player Free (default, except for SOX and SAMBA streams)
  • MX Player Pro
  • TPlayer
  • DicePlayer
  • RockPlayer
  • RockPlayer2
  • BSPlayer Free
  • Moboplayer
  • mVideoPlayer
  • vPlayer
  • Wondershare Player
  • Archos Video Player

You can head on over to XDA Developers to download the XBMC app to your Android device. It’s a pretty straight-forward guide and you should be streaming media to your device in no time.