Action Launcher Pro Updated, New Settings And Tweaks

The newest update to Action Launcher Pro brings the app to version 1.3 and includes a few new features. The biggest change is the search bar, which has been modified to be more useful. First of all, it’ll have a mic shortcut to voice search towards the left when you hit the search button. Second, the first result will always be a link to a Google search. And the most useful feature is that when nothing is in the search field, it opens a list of recent apps. It is a nifty feature, even if not totally necessary.

Then there are a few new settings. You can set which page is the homescreen, and there is a new Labs section that allows you to enable landscape and tapping an empty section of the launcher to toggle the action bar. It’s a pretty good update, huh? It should be live in the Play Store anytime now, so hit the source link and either buy it or go download the update!

Play: Action Launcher Pro ($3.99)

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