Android 4.2.2 OTA Rolling Out For The Nexus 4, LTE Users Beware

Nexus 4 Shipments In Brazil And Malaysia Appear With Android 4.2.2 On-Board

After Android 4.2.2 rolled out for every other current Nexus device that’s non-carrier based, it’s finally the Nexus 4‘s turn.  The build number is for the new ROM is JDQ39, which is the same was what we’re seeing on the other Nexus devices.  It’s obviously slowly rolling out OTA to your Nexus 4s, so if you want your hands on 4.2.2 now, you can download it from Google here and flash it though a custom recovery or sideload it.  There are even rooted deodexed and odexed 4.2.2 versions out there already from XDA Senior Member bigxie.  If you still haven’t seen what’s new in 4.2.2, here’s what’s included in the list of updates:

  • Quick settings toggles (finally, but they’re still not up to par in my opinion)
  • App download notifications let you know time left for download
  • New sounds for wireless charging and low battery
  • Other bug fixes

One other thing to be aware of, AnandTech’s Brian Klug discovered that this new Nexus 4 4.2.2 ROM will remove the ability to use the LTE band 4 access on your Nexus 4.  This obviously only affects a few people in certain areas that could even use that band in the first place, but if you are using it and it’s important to you, don’t let your device update.

That being said, are any of you running this yet?  Any thoughts?  Have you found anything else new we didn’t know about?  Not worth the hype?  Let us know by commenting below…  We really appreciate your comments!

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