Android Version Distribution Released For January 2013

Though they change very little every time we see them, we’re always excited to see the newest distribution numbers for our favorite mobile OS. Of course, it’s more of what you expect. Gingerbread is dropping, like it should, Ice Cream Sandwich actually dropped a bit, and Jelly Bean is rising at a decent pace. of course, Jelly Bean is still at 13.6%, which isn’t much, but at least it’s getting somewhere. Gingerbread remains huge at 45.6%, with Ice Cream Sandwich at an even 29%.

It’s always a little sad to see these numbers, knowing how many phones were abandoned on Gingerbread and how many manufacturers don’t want to update ICS phones to Jelly Bean. While I understand some of the reasons, others are ridiculous. At least we’re seeing an improvement, right?

Google | Android Police

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