Andy Rubin Thinks Samsung’s Success Isn’t About Android, But Execution

Samsung is well known to be the most successful Android manufacturer by a large margin. Why is that? Superior products? Excellent advertising? Some sort of luck? Witchcraft, maybe? Well Andy Rubin decided to speak out at MWC. This is what he had to say: “There’s one big company that’s being hugely successful. That’s mostly about execution. It’s not mostly around Android.”

We doubt that this is him saying Samsung doesn’t need Android, but it shows that other companies need to step up their game. “People have to figure out how to run their own businesses,” he said. “Should I be unfair to Samsung? I can’t do that. I have to be fair to everyone.”

That’s a pretty bold statement, saying everyone else doesn’t have execution down. And he’s absolutely right. No one in the Android world has matched Samsung’s excellent advertising, strong push, and consumer oriented products. Other companies make good devices, even arguably better ones, but they don’t have the rest of business down. Do you agree with Andy Rubin? What would you like to see from your favorite company?

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