App Review: LifeKraze – Help Yourself and Your Friends Stay Healthy This Year With This New Socially-Focused Health App


“Trying to get healthy takes so much work.”  I think we’ve all said that before as we’ve embarked on our never-ending quest for a healthy lifestyle.  It’s hard work, but sometimes all you need is a little encouragement to keep you motivated to shed those excess pounds.  LifeKraze is a new Social Health website and app that puts a slight twist on this idea.  Instead of focusing on the number of calories burned and consumed, LifeKraze emphasizes social interaction among its users to encourage each other.

Social Integration

Unlike most Health and Fitness apps that focus on the number of calories consumed and burned throughout the day, LifeKraze wants you to focus on sharing your everyday activities.  This can be something as simple as sharing that you took your dog on a walk to something more intense such as running a marathon.  Each day you are given 300 points that you can distribute as you see fit.  If you know your friend is struggling to get over an illness, you can give him more points for taking a walk because you know it’s taking a greater effort at this point.  Points are allocated in increments of 10 ranging from 10 to 50 per user.  For every 10 points you give out, you are presented with 5 reward points for yourself.  You’ll see more about Rewards below.

Any fan of The Biggest Loser will recognize the name Dolvett Quince.  He is one of the trainers on the NBC show and it a well-known fitness expert.  Dolvett, a LifeKraze member himself,  is using his knowledge to help other members reach their fitness goals by providing weekly challenges.  Each week, users can visit his LifeKraze page and accept the challenge for the week.  Select users will be chosen and receive merchandise from Dolvett.



The app uses the same lime green, black, and white color scheme found on, and functions as a stand alone application rather than a shortcut to the website.  Tapping the LifeKraze logo in the upper left brings your menu to the forefront where you can navigate between the various areas of the application.  These options include Home, Rewards, Stats and Connections.

The Home section is where you will find various posts from your friends and those you follow, showing the progress they are making on their quest for a healthy and fit life.  There are three feed options you can select: Everyone, Following, and Rookies.  If you have a large number of individuals you follow, or individuals that post frequently, this option can be very useful in streamlining your activity feed.

Rewards are used to help motivate you to share your activity and encourage others to stay active.  For every 10 points you give other users, you receive 5 reward points.  You can redeem your points accrued and receive discounts on a wide selection of items such as clothing and sporting goods.  A few of the companies offering merchandise are Mattel, Criquet, Core Foods, and LIVESTRONG Fitness.

The Stats area is where you find such things as your Accomplishments, Points Earned and Points given.  The top of the screen displays a drop down menu where you can refine the stats shown for a set amount of time such as weekly, and daily and even highlights.  Below your name you will see a series of dates that you can navigate between by swiping left and right.  This is where you find see your stats for the week or day depending on how they are filtered.  When the Highlights filter is selected, you will see a list of personal accomplishments and any new personal records you set during that week.

Each section also includes an icon in the upper right that provides you a link to your Activity Feed.  This feed displays your activities and the activities of  those you follow including any rewards that have been redeemed and accomplishments rewarded.

Final Thoughts

The LifeKraze app is a great compliment to the web site making it easy to share your activity and encourage others while on the go.  The clean easy to use interface makes navigating the app smooth and easy.  If you are looking for a way to help you stay motivated in your fitness journey, LifeKraze is a great choice.

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