ASUS Releases Video Teasing “Metallic Miracle” For MWC

ASUS has released this short 30 second video, completely unrelated to any sort of mobile product, teasing us about what they have in store at Mobile World Congress. It’s called “Ultimate Craftsmanship. Today.” and features a giant metal thing landing on a church. And at the end, it says “Join ASUS to embrace the metallic miracle” at MWC. What’s that about?

First of all, it’s probably teasing products that they will announce at MWC made of metal. It could also be referencing a new Transformer for two reasons. First, that thing flying around looks vaguely similar to a Transformer (reminds me of that copyright suit with Hasbro). The second is the way it goes into the church. It looks like a firm click, unlock docking a tablet into a keyboard dock. Seems almost… magnetic, doesn’t it?

Of course, we’re interested to see what ASUS has in store for us at MWC. And we will be bringing you all the announcements as they come. But are you excited to see what they are making? Do you have any expectations? Tell us in the comments!


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