Carbon For Android Twitter Client Finally Releases To The World

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Carbon for Android has been one of the most anticipated Twitter releases in recent memory for the Android platform. After a lengthy development cycle, developers Dots & Lines have finally released the app to the world and on Super Bowl Sunday no less.

Originally scheduled to release last year, Dots & Lines determined they would release Carbon as a free app once it was discovered they couldn’t submit it as a paid app from inside the United Arab Emirates. Our overall first impressions will come later this week, but if you’ve been looking for a new Android Twitter client or have been one of the many folks tracking the release of Carbon, today is a good day.

Carbon was originally developed for the likes of webOS and Windows Phone with developers determining an Android client was next in line. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks with Carbon as it doesn’t appear to play nice with tablets just yet, and there is no home screen widget available yet either. Whether or not these are actual drawbacks are up to you, but Carbon is definitely worth checking out regardless, especially with the price tag.

Carbon for Android awaits your download at the Google Play link below.

Google Play


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