Case Review: Trident Aegis Nexus 7 Case


The Nexus 7 is one of the more popular Android tablets available and to help protect it, it’s always advised to use a case.  I’ve been a fan of Trident cases and I thought I’d take a look at their Aegis case for the Nexus 7.  The Aegis case comes in multiple colors and is available for 44.95 on their website.

The Aegis case is made of two components.  The first is a Thermo Plastic Elastomer(TPE) liner.  This is a shock-absorbing material, that feels similar to rubber.  The liner fit snug around the Nexus 7 and I didnt feel like the case would slip off of my device.  Trident opted to cover the lock and volume buttons instead of leaving an opening in the liner.  However, these raised buttons work well when used with the hard plastic backing, making the buttons flush with the case.  Dust can be an issue when ports are exposed and the Aegis case resolves that problem by adding TPE plugs over the ports.  Each of these is easy to move out of the way, allowing you to insert your USB cable and headphones.

To help further protect your Nexus 7, Trident added a second layer of protection with a hardened polycarbonate plastic shell.  This outer shell slides over the back of the TPE lining and helps protect in case the Nexus 7 is dropped and falls flat on its back.  While the shell does fit snug, I found The shell covers most of the back with correct openings for the various ports on the device and the company logo in the center.  One thing I did notice is that I think is interesting is there is a section on the upper left part of the back that is left exposed.  It’s not big enough to use to hold the Nexus 7, so I’m not sure I understand the purpose of leaving it uncovered.

Overall, I felt that the Aegis case is solid and provides good protection for my Nexus 7.  One thing missing was a stand of some sort.  I’m a sports fan and it would be nice to have a stand so I can easily watch streaming sports events.  Aside from the lack of a stand, the Aegis is a durable case and I would recommend it for those of you needing a case for your Nexus 7.  You can purchase it from the link below:

Trident Aegis Case

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