Comparing The HTC One, One X+, And One X

We know that the HTC One is a fantastic and powerful device. Hell, look at these benchmarks! But how does it stack up against HTC’s previous flagships, the One X and One X+? Is it worth the upgrade? Should you keep your old device? Or do you need the new One? Well, we can’t really tell you. But we can help you make that decision!

One of the biggest differences is the screen. It’s what you will be interacting with every day, so it has to be good. We all know that the SLCD2 panels on the One X and One X+ are wonderful, no argument there. But the upgrade to 1080p might mean you’ll never go back to 720p without feeling depression symptoms. It’s a pretty big upgrade for most people, but remember, 720p still does the job very well.

The next thing is processor. The Snapdragon S4 Plus (if you have a One XL) and the two Tegra 3 versions (T30 for the One X and T33 for the One X+) are fairly powerful chips. The Tegra 3 even has its own line of games optimized for it. However, the One comes with a Snapdragon 600. This is part of a new line of Snapdragon processors, and it destroys the competition in benchmarks. Of course, benchmarks mean nothing in terms of real world usage, but that Snappy 600 is a monster. Do you need all that power? To drive a 1080p display, maybe. But otherwise, we aren’t so sure.

If you were unhappy with the battery life on the One X/+, you may not want to upgrade. The One has a 2,300 mAh battery, which seems good, but consider it has a 1080p display with millions of pixels gobbling power. And with HTC’s history of unoptimized software not boding well for battery life, we don’t have much hope the One will do better than its predecessors.

But with the HTC One, you do get dual front facing speakers, an ultrapixel camera, Sense 5, all metal construction, and much more. It’s definitely a phone that offers a lot!

So is it worth the upgrade for you? HTC owners, what do you think? We’ve given you the facts, now you make the decision. Tell us your verdict in the comments!

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