CruzerLite Androidified A2 TPU Case Review For The LG Optimus G

As you probably already know, the LG Optimus G is an awesome but fragile device. With a sheet of Gorilla glass on the front, and a sheet of regular glass on the back, there aren’t many ways you can drop it without it shattering. While reviewing the Optimus G, I lived in fear (I’m exaggerating a lot here). A regular plastic case won’t do you any good. Though it’ll protect from scratches on an impact, the shock can still crack the glass. What you need is something shock absorbent.

Silicone is a popular shock absorbent material, but many people hate it. It’s sticky and attracts dust like a magnet. What is an Optimus G owner to do? Enter TPU, a material that’s best described as a perfect balance between silicone and hard plastic. It’s flexible and shock absorbent, but not sticky whatsoever.

Shock absorbent
Amazing fit
Very little bulk
Great cut outs
Rubber grips on the side are a fantastic touch
Good looks

Transparent part sticks to glass, avoidable if buying non-clear version

Let me start off by saying that the CruzerLite Androidified A2 TPU case for the Optimus G is an incredible case. It fits perfectly and grips the device well. All the cutouts are spacious and accurately made. There are no flaws in the material. The rubber grips on the sides make the device feel great in the hand, and even smooths out the sharp edges of the Sprint model.

Though the cases are made for different devices (the AT&T and Sprint models have different designs), they are identical in every way other than shape. The back is glossy smooth plastic, while the Android guy has a matte finish. These cases feel premium in every way.

However, there is one issue. The back of the phone is glass, so it sticks slightly. The spots go away fast, but if you press down, they appear. This is a very minor issue, but for those of you who care, there are non-transparent versions of this case available. They do not have this issue at all, so you should get one of those! Just be careful when ordering.

Overall I’m very pleased with these cases. They’re pretty much perfect for this device, where absorbing shock is the most important thing a case can do. Hit the source link to buy one for yourself!


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