CruzerLite Androidified Clone Army Case For The Google Nexus 7 Video Review

Smoke Androidified Nexus 7-1
Today we’re reviewing the smoke colored CruzerLite Androidified Clone Army TPU case for the Nexus 7.  The case has a translucent smoke color which ends up looking pretty dark when on the black back of the Nexus 7 (not a bad thing).  It has a matte finish where the clone army of Android Andys are and a gloss finish around the edges.  If you hold it in the right light, the clone army really pops.  I’ve said this about the other CruzerLite cases I’ve reviewed, but I really really like the way this one looks.  Here are a few thoughts I thought I should reiterate from the video:


  • Great fit for the Nexus 7
  • All of the ports and buttons have cutouts for easy access and the cutouts are large enough for easy use with the case on.
  • Shock absorbent
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lots of Android Andy!
  • I think this smoke colored case looks rad on my Nexus 7.  It’s not adding color like you could with the other case colors, but it’s really nice to have this cool, subtle look.
  • Doesn’t add excessive bulk.  The device still feels great in the hand.


  • Similar to the last Nexus 7 CruzerLite case review, the glossy finished areas on the cases can show fingerprints.  With this case, there’s less glossy area than the Androidified A2 case so it’s less of an issue.

So, I’ll be straight up with you guys, with all the cases I’ve reviewed and used on my Nexus 7, this is the one I’ve left on and am currently rocking.  I thought I would always want a case with a kick stand, but it turns out I never really used it.  Again, I really like the way this case looks on my device, and I like the protection it adds to the device especially with the kids using it.  The case will absolutely add a little protection while not adding too much to the size of the tablet.  Be sure to check out the video review below to see how the case will look on your device.  You can pick up this case at or CruzerLite’s Amazon store and will cost you $19.90.  It comes in lots of different colors so you’ll definitely be able to find one that you’ll really like.  Let me know if you have any questions about it and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Also, let us know if you have this case, are thinking about getting it, or think it sucks.  Thanks for commenting!

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