Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case For Galaxy S III Review



Cruzerlite White Bugdroid CaseGuess what? People drop their phones. So some genius of a person came up with the idea to create cases to protect our devices. Over the years, cases have grown in their functions from just protection. Cases are now manufactured purely for things such as looks, adding an extra battery, adding a kickstand, etc. But today I’m taking a look at good old-fashioned case. Designed to add some protection without adding too much to your phone.

Enter the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case. Made of TPU, the Bugdroid Circuit case is designed to give your phone a bit of protection without adding an overly large amount of bulk and weight to your phone. Lucky for the user, it performs both of those tasks admirably. The case has a matte feel on the back of it and transitions into a gloss TPU around the edges. On the back of the case, there’s a design etched into the TPU with an Android and circuit patterns coming out of it. All in all, the case looks nice and feels very good in the hand.

But what about performance? The case fits quite well and is tight around the edges with perfectly cut slots for things such as the power button, headphone jack, camera, and other ports and buttons on the device. The case adds very little to both the thickness and weight of the Galaxy S III so you don’t have to worry about some huge case destroying the feel of your phone. I didn’t do anything too intense with my phone in the case but I did drop it a couple of times from about three feet onto a solid surface and there was no problem at all. In all honesty, I felt pretty safe with my phone in this case and while it won’t offer the same level of protection as an OtterBox, it should work just fine for everyday drops and scuffs.

The only down side to this case is that it’s made of a white TPU. Due to the fact that TPU has a tendency to attract dirt and dust, this isn’t the best combination. The back of the case easily shows any dirt or discoloration and the edges around the screen consistently collected dust onto my screen. But this is just a minor annoyance and doesn’t affect the function of the case at all.

To wrap things up, I’ve got to say that the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case is a great case for the Galaxy S III. It should offer protection for everyday drops and such as well as adding a little bit of new design to your phone. If you’re okay with making sure that it stays clean, then this case is an excellent one for you. There’s some more pictures down below and I’ll include a link to the Amazon listing in the description if you want to pick one up for yourself!

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