CyanogenMod Receives Cease And Desist For Clock Widget Name, Now Called “cLock”

The CyanogenMod team was recently hit with a cease and desist for the name of their new clock widget: Chronos. A company had a trademark on the name “Cronus” and sent that C&D. Though the CM team felt that they didn’t infringe on that trademark, they rightfully dropped it. A company that provides a free product can’t go wasting money on court fees.

They ended up renaming the widget to “cLock” because it is a widget for your lockscreen. Clever! Of course, it’s also a homescreen widget, so you can use it either way. The changes have been merged and will be in the next nightlies. Tell us, dear readers, do you think this is ridiculous that a company would send a C&D for a name different from theirs?

+CyanogenMod | Phandroid

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